Saturday, July 2, 2011

Getting Rid Of The Shine

 A big attraction to the Blythe doll world for me has been the opportunity to customize my own doll. The crafty side of me just got all excited when I saw some amazing before and after examples. Granted, I'm new to this craft- so I'm learning. I've already given a boil perm with success.  So, I decided to sand the face of a doll and reapply her makeup. Above is the before picture. I don't have a complete after picture because I'm still working on her- but I will show you what I did to make her shiny plastic look go away. I went to the hardware store and purchased fine and ultra-fine sand paper.

For the first layer of sanding- I used the fine sponge. The factory makeup and the shine instantly disappeared with no problems. The ultra-fine paper naturally helps you tackle the fine details. Wet your ultra fine paper and work in small circles, making sure you don't leave any lines or scuffs. This was such an easy process and now her face is more lifelike with a matte finish.  The next step with be adding new makeup.

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