Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Beginning

We don't pay therapists to keep the peace in our lives--- well, at least one of us doesn't! We both Do pay for art supplies... A LOT of art supplies!  From the time we met years ago, these two friends have shared laughs, tears, nerves, and optimism surrounded by a pile of crafts.  Our similarities are as vast as our differences in style.  But, we both love creating...anything. 

Crafty Cat loves antiques, victorian accents, and deep rich colors.  The cat loves traveling all over the world and looking for adventure like a single girl should...and she will spend some serious cash to get what she wants.  But, like any crafty person, Crafty Cat always likes a bargain.  Crafty girl leans toward a modern decor, but gets giddy with any chance to rehab an old free find into a fabulous keepsake.  The girl is a mom and a wife, who does NOT like to spend her cash and is always searching for a deal.

We've helped each other get better over the years, kicking up our scrapbooking a notch or two and learning how to take photos with better composition, light, and focus.  As we grew, people began to ask us to do projects for their babies, weddings, or parties.  We started to hear more and more encouragement to explore our love for crafty projects.  So, this is the beginning of our venture to give you great ideas for a crafty life and style.


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