Friday, September 24, 2010

Decorating with Jewelry

I always want to have my jewelry laid out in front of me as I accessorize.  I want to see every necklace I own so I can make the perfect match.

There's nothing worse than trying to untangle the ONE necklace you want to wear from a ball of twisted metal and beads.  The problem is...chunky jewelry is in style right now and jewelry cases just don't offer much space.  So, you're forced to layer your necklaces and dig through them each day while they wrap around each other, forming tight knots.  Let's face you even know how much jewelry you own or do you pick whatever chain you can get to?  After years of apartment living and serious accessorizing, I've discovered a fun way to display all of my jewelry, save space, and give my bathroom a funky style....and it's FREE!!!!

The towel rack in my apartment is right next to my mirror.  I thought it was the perfect spot for my pearls.  I had stacks of necklaces around my bathroom...and quite frankly I didn't even realize what was in all of those piles.  I hung all of the necklaces up on the towel rack in no particular order and loved the look.  My counter was suddenly clear, my necklaces were all visible and accessible, and my towel rack actually became a pretty decoration in my bathroom.  My jewelry now has a dual purpose.  I dress up my neck AND my bathroom with pearls.  I've gotten compliments from many people over the years who have adopted the idea.  In fact, if there isn't a towel rack near the bathroom mirror next time I move...I'll put one there.


  1. I love this idea Crafty Cat! You know I have just as many jewels as you do-- I think my kiddos would love to play with this display!!! LOL

  2. If I ever run across my jewelry again, I will try decorating with it. Cute idea.With the recent house fire, and my constant collecting(and notice I didn't say hoarding,others have that problem,not me)I have filed my box of costume jewelry away under "heaven knows what or where".But it's such a joy, looking through my stash over and over, when searching for a specific item.


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