Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On the Precipice

I imagine every life has moments of wide-open desire....desire to change everything. It is that moment when you are beyond taking the normal path of pursuing a good job, getting married, raising a family, and saving for retirement. You start to think about regrets. You start to care for an aging parent or grandparent and wonder if they are facing death with sadness or peace. You begin to wonder what would bring you peace at that final moment...or at least fulfillment in the present moment. You decide to stop waiting for what you want.

Crafty Girl and I (Crafty Cat) have found ourselves contemplating the future from somewhere in the middle of our paused lives. Our situations are completely different. You have the married mom of three in a house with a dog...and the single career cat who is tired of her tiny apartment and looking for another adventure. Despite our opposite lifestyles, our interests are common. We love to make things. We love the joy of building art from scratch, displaying it in our homes, and even our handmade wares as a gift. People have forgotten how amazing it is to give and get a heartfelt and personal gift. Eventually, people just started asking for our crafts...a scrapbook for the friend's new baby or an invitation for a relative's birthday party. "Could you make it?" At some point we started to listen when people would insist, "You two are very crafty. You should explore that talent."

So here we are...on the precipice of something we have dreamed about, literally for years. To think that anyone would want to join us for the journey is wildly exciting. Trust me, we will scream with delight with the addition of each new follower and each new comment. Tell us about your attempt to accomplish one of our projects...we will get hysterical. Actually send us a picture of that project...fuhgettaboutit. We are just two friends, trying to find our peace and fulfillment in life by doing something we both love...crafting. This is week one.

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