Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meet Chef Donavan Kenney

Hello crafters!!  My name is Chef Donavan Kenney.  During my 15 years of experience in the culinary field, I have worked in a variety of restaurants...everything from 4 star dining to college dining halls...even a zoo!!

After earning a culinary degree from the University of Alaska at Anchorage, I worked under Chef John Franchetti, who was Emeril Lagasse's Executive Sous Chef at the Commanders Palace in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I also got a taste of the hotel and gaming business in Reno, Nevada where I worked as a Sous Chef.  I learned from some of the finest chefs: Chef Martin Yan (from TV's Yan Can Cook), Chef Paul Prudhomme(owner of K Paul's in New Orleans, a mobile 5 star restaurant), and Chef Berry Fisher (Executive Chef at Disney World's Treasure Island), just to name a few.  I even developed a talent for carving Ice Sculptures under the direction of Chef Allan Cook (winner of the Master Carvers award in Tokyo, Japan).  Over the years, I have catered events for the Former Prime Minster of Iran and Senator Hillary Clinton. 

In the coming months you will be given recipes and tips from me every tasty Tuesday, showing you how to cook, serve, present and decorate food with a splash of style.  I hope you enjoy the information and always remember you are only as good as your last meal! Bon Appetit!!!


  1. I look forward to benefiting from all your tasty meals!

  2. This is going to be cool! Looking forward to giving tips and recipes to all the followers

  3. I'm looking forward to tasty tips!

  4. Impressive credentials. Judy is always asking why you don't try out for The Food Network competition and win a 50,000 prize. She and I think your combination of personality and talent easily qualify you. Go for it Donavan.

  5. forget The Food Network come to Florida and cook for Ed & Rosemary!!!!

  6. Hi Chef Donovan,
    Thanks for following my blog:D I feel honored! I have link you blog to mine! Please leave your comments or criticism on my recipes, I will greatly appreciate it. I am very new to cooking and hope to learn a lot from you:D
    HUGS from Malaysia.
    Quay Po Cooks,


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