Monday, June 20, 2011

Crazy Accordion Book

This is a puzzling twist on your traditional brag book.  I've been on a kick showing you some of the make-n-takes Crafty Girl and I brought home after our scrapbooking retreats over the years.  I have a box full of them.  I really should fill them and give them away as gifts.  That little task is on a long to-do list, stored in the back of my brain.  First, I need to show you how to make one.  I can't be the only person with a box full of little books taking up room in my crafting area.

Here's what I could make of this handmade treat:  Start with a full piece of paper and envision a sharp-edged spiral.  Ultimately, you'll need 16 squares.  That's four rows across and four rows from top to bottom.  Once you've made your folds, it will be easier to figure out where to cut.

Fold it up in different directions, so the squares come together in a flat book.  You can use a thick card stock as your front and back covers.  Before you adhere the card stock, fold your favorite paper design over the top of it.  You can fold the paper around the edges and cover the center with the front and back pages of your spiral book.

Embellish the cover and hold it all together with a cute ribbon.  Fill it with pictures for a gift.  You can either use 16 different photos or one large photo that fits together like a puzzle when the book is opened.  I recommend starting with a traditional flip book.  But, if you've made a million of those and would like to try something different, this is one idea that was shared with us.  Go for it!!


  1. I love this tiny little book! Thanks for posting and sharing the instructions. It is now on my "list of projects" to do :)


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