Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sweet Sheep

As I was going through my crafty supplies recently, I noticed this little sheep staring at me.  I thought it would be a fun favor at a child's birthday party, especially if you have the party at a zoo!!

Once or twice a year, I spend a weekend away from dishes and other demands.  I go to a scrapbooking retreat with friends and it is the best getaway EVER!!  The time we spend actually scrapbooking is minimal.  Instead, we spend hours eating, getting chair massages, playing games, and attending classes.  We always learn how to make something cute.  One of my favorite things about the retreat is the "make-n-take" sessions.  Vendors supply all of the materials and the idea for a project.  You just make it and then you take it home.

This sweet sheep was our "make-n-take" one year.  It is very EASY and there is a yummy treat hidden inside.

Supplies include black and white paper, eyeballs, adhesive, and a small piece of flat candy.  You'll need a  hole punch with bubbled edges or shaped scissors to form the sheep's head.

Pop two white pieces out and ink the edges.  Adhere the candy wrapper between the two circles.

You'll need one more cloud-shaped pieces for the "forehead" of your sheep.  Study the shape of the ears and give it a shot.  Adhere the ear pieces to the back of the "forehead".  A little glue or glue dots is best for this.  Tape didn't work well.

Next, cut the black center of the face.  Place that on the white circle that goes on top of your candy.  Don't forget to add your eyeballs!!

Then, add the ear and "forehead" piece.  I can't take credit for this idea (I think the girls from Captured Moments came up with it).  But, I think it is cute.  So, I'm passing it along, hoping it inspires your own sweet idea.  If your kiddo loves kitties...adapt the design.  If you can imagine it, you can make it.

Come back tomorrow for another make-n-take by the Captured Moments girls and see their shop at

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  1. This would be good for a gift at a kids birthday party!!


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