Friday, June 17, 2011

Tiny Accordion Book

Why do cute lockets, keychains, and picture frames always come in sizes that are impossible to fill?  Because tiny is just cute.  Simple.  How can I find a picture of my cute niece the size of a quarter?  We always find a way to figure it out and the results are sweet when we open our necklace to reveal the teeny face of someone who we can't get enough of.

If a locket isn't big enough to show off your whole family, make your own tiny brag book.  This is another credit to the girls from Captured Moments in Rotterdam, NY.  They taught Crafty Girl and I how to make accordion books.  We've loved making them ever since.  Start with a strip of paper that you  fold in typical "accordion" style.  You'll need two small pieces of chip board to put on each end of your book...the back and front covers.  Cut pretty paper for your front cover and fold the edges around to the inside.  You'll cover the inside with the end of your accordion strip.

Repeat the process for the other end of the book.  But, put a piece of ribbon on the inside of the back cover, before you adhere that end of the accordion strip.  That will wrap around your front cover to keep it closed.  You can either tie the ribbon or attach a tiny metal clasp.  Throw a few cute flowers on the cover or any small embellishment.  Done!!  Giving credit where credit is due...check out more of the Captured Moments creativity on their website,  This is shaping up to be sort of a Captured Moments make-n-take tribute month.  Monday we'll show you a twist on this type of book that they came up with.  Plus, I'll bring you one of my favorite CM creations soon...a paper bag book!!  Keep checking in.  Until then, give this to a friend empty and let them fill it OR fill it with pictures of a special occasion.  I like to keep one in my purse to look at when I need a tiny smile.


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