Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shutterbug Sunday: Blurred Edges

Whenever I take a photo that doesn't come out completely clear, I try to salvage it.  Changing the coloring to black and white will cover some imperfections.  I've also discovered that blurring the edges of a photo can make the imperfections seem lovely.

Not long ago, I showed you how to give your pictures a hazy feel by putting pantyhose over your lens.  If you prefer to have a solid focal point in the center of your picture, with a hint of haze around the edges, you can accomplish the effect with simple editing.  If you don't know your editing options, you're wasting time!!

I know you all have different photo programs.  If you use iPhoto on a Mac, follow these steps:  Click on the picture, press "edit", choose "effects", and click on "edge blur" several times...until you reach the desired haze.

For some pictures, the haze is obviously intentional.  For others, it can add a subtle mood to the picture.  I wanted this rose to be clear, but soft, to reflect a sad occasion.  Blurring the edges offered me that effect.  Don't pay a photographer to do this for you.  It is easy if you just spend a little time getting to know your editing software.


  1. Good tips. Oh no, I will never pay the photographer to do any editing on my photos for me. I am one that can stay awake the whole night to find out to use my software:D


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