Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Mess!!

Am I alone in my need to spread out?  Do all crafty gals with three kids have piles of yarn, crayons, and glue stacked up in the kitchen?

I gave you a glimpse of my Scrap Shack when it was pretty tidy.  A clean room made me feel so inspired.  As I told you in that post, I have to heat it up in the winter, before I can spend time there.  It was 20 degrees here in Upstate New York for a long time.  It was a brutal winter.  When I needed to craft at a moments notice, waiting 20 minutes to heat up my building is just not possible!!  I have lots of excuses don't I?!  He he!  Now that it's warm out, I'm trying to return my crafting items to the Scrap Shack- and now my haven is a mess!

Oh well!  Like it or not, one of my counters becomes the drop off location for everything!!  Even when I spend time neatly piling up supplies- it looks messy.  The advantage is having everything within reach.  When the kids want to create an art journal- embellishments, colored pencils, and adhesives are all right there. When I want to create this, this, this, and even this very popular Crafty Life and Style creation--- I have it all within reach! Kind of embarrassing- but what can I do? When inspiration strikes- I need to seize the moment!


  1. My house looks like that on a daily basis, and I have no kids.Craft supplies in every corner,just in case I decide to work with some of them,but when summertime arrives,you'll find me working with outdoor type crafts. I built myself a potting table today.

  2. Ooooh...I want to see the potting table.


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