Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lessons Learned From Blythe

Last week, I told you about my new obsession with Blythe dolls. The main attraction of this doll for many grown women is the opportunity to customize them. They make their wardrobe, give them new hair, take them apart, and paint them.  Basically, it's called "sending them to the spa".  Priding myself as a "Crafty Girl", I was immediately attracted to the idea.  The price kept me from buying my first doll for almost a year.

Well, I gave in- and fell in deep. I have, let's just say, several of them. I researched and decided one of the girls just wasn't cute enough as is, and I "sent her to our home spa". I watched all of the videos and tutorials I could get my hands on.  Then, I grabbed my screw driver and tried to get her apart. Within half an hour, I had posted a plea for help on a Blythe chat site because I couldn't get her open!

After an hour- I scalped her, pulled her eyes out, and broke a sweat doing it! I had hoped to show you at least part of my first Blythe doll makeover by now- but she's really in no shape to be shown. What I am learning most about this experience can be put in a list.

1-Tutorials don't tell you everything (especially the bad and ugly!)
2- I need to get a steadier hand for fine detail- like lips
3- Patience needs to be exercised
4- I need to offer better tutorials when I do them- because I keep asking questions to the computer screen when I come across a, not so good, tutorial
5- Customizing dolls is a developed skill- and the experts are experts for a reason

Aside from all of the teachable moments I am coming across, I am enjoying the process.  I will take you along for the ride.  Right now- all I can show you is the ugly- cuz- that's where I am in the process.

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