Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shutterbug Sunday: My Top 10

When I was getting started with photography, I took a basic studio class at the Community Darkrooms in Syracuse. The instructor of the course gave us a piece of advice that I will never forget, for multiple reasons. He told our class that the best thing we can do, is follow other photographers' work. At first, I was confused. The word copycat kept coming to mind, and that was the last thing I wanted for myself. In spite of thinking it was a weird idea, I started following other photographers' work.  Now, as I look back, that little tidbit of advice could quite possibly the best I have ever received!  Following the work of others has provided me with many learning opportunities, resources, and support throughout my journey.  Now, I want to share my 10 favorite photogs with you!

1. Barb Uil of Jinky Art: She is absolutely my favorite photographer ever! The creativity this woman possesses is mind blowing and her photographs constantly leave me speechless!
2. Kristen of K. Holly Photography: Her images are breathtaking, with a soft dream like quality that I love. She is sweet as can be and I would get married all over again, just so I could have her photograph my wedding. Ask her anything!
3. Jasmine Star: This lady is perhaps the best go-to photog and most famous of the bunch.  Want to know something? Ask her for advice, I dare you!
4.Kelsey Anderson: I love her unique style and use of natural light.  She is another great person to answer your questions.
5.Annie from Paint the Moon Photography: Color. Color. Color. Annie is not afraid to use it and is the creator of some of the best photoshop actions and textures I have found. She also has a great support system for those of us who aren't very photoshop savvy!
6. Jose Villa: Believe it or not, he still does the majority of his shooting with film. Yes film! His images are beyond gorgeous.
7. Baby as Art: Maybe a more suitable name for them would be "The baby photographer gurus". Check their work to see what I mean.
8. Keri Meyers: Another newborn photographer that is able to get those little babies into perfect positions.
9. Skye Hardwick of Work of Heart Photography: I love the expressiveness in her photos.
10. Lupen Grainne: She has some of the prettiest nature and landscape imagery ever!

I processed this pic with textures from paint the moon.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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