Monday, May 16, 2011

Tribute Board

You've seen them at many memorials...tribute displays, full of photos, evoking fond memories of a loved one.  Often, these displays are simple backgrounds with pictures scattered across a board.  They are always heartfelt.  They are usually made with little notice.  But, they can be beautiful if you have a few basic ideas in mind.  First, incorporate the subject's favorite color.  In this case, I used lavender.

Here's my shopping list:

1-Foldout display
2-Lavender Tulle
3-Lavender card stock to frame photos
4-Black card stock to frame photos
5-Key rings
6-Clear gem embellishments
7-Black letters
8-Lavender or Purple wired wide ribbon
9-A flat floral grave cemetery spray
10-Decorative page borders-black
11-Decorative thin/medium ribbon
12-Red line tape & your favorite adhesive

The fold-out display here can generally be found in the art section of a store.  I bought mine in a big box store, along with the floral spray at the bottom of the display.  The flowers add a nice centerpiece to the board.  I just used one of the flat displays that are sold for graves and added a purple bow made from thick wired ribbon.

Try to print an 8X10 for the center.  I double-bordered that pictured with black and lavender card stock.  
Then, I used the letters to spell out the name of the person being remembered.  Most of these tribute boards don't have a name incorporated, but I thought it added a pretty accent.  I lined the middle section with childhood photos, framed with the black card stock.  I used the actual black and white photos, not reproductions.  The original photos added a sweet authenticity.  More recent photos were placed on the outer panels with the lavender card stock border.  The colors tied together.  I also put a ribbon across the center of the entire display.  That's the lacy ribbon you see below the 8x10.  This was the only embellishment that I couldn't hold in place with red line tape.  Good old glue was necessary.  

I used minimal embellishments, particularly on a sad occasion.  My choice was clear gems, placed between some photos and on the corners of the board.  Above and below the 8x10 photo, you'll also see black page border decorations.  You can find them in any craft store in the sticker section...along with the gem stickers.

Along the top of the fold-out display, I lined the edges with lavender tulle.  I used key rings to create loops that I could pass the tulle through, along the top of the display.  Just open the ring slightly and slide it onto the top edge of the cardboard.  Then, feed the tulle through each hole.  

I cut enough to allow the tulle to drape down each side of the display.  Then, I cut four or five small pieces, folded them in half together, and fed the folded end through the key ring hold to create a spray and cover the key ring.  Add some flowers to the corner sprays if you like.  The personal accents are what make these so special.  It is easier to throw a bunch of pictures on a piece of board.  But, putting your heart into a "creation" will offer a tender and special tribute.


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