Monday, May 30, 2011

Photo Contest Finalist!

So, I have to admit. I've been all wrapped up in Blythe Doll world and I'm so not in the mood to make a craft that is not related to her. I sewed an outfit for one of my dolls.  The simple 4-step pattern took me four hours! I need to learn how to sew. I'm customizing a doll from head to toe.  If the eyelashes don't kill me, waiting for her eye chips to arrive will take me down.

The one aspect I have seen success with, thank goodness, is my photography. I love taking pictures of my girl. If you haven't become a Flicker follower for Crafty Life and Style- please do. I'm finally giving it some love, mostly Blythe picture love lately. Yesterday, I joined a Blythe Photo Challenge group. It was the final day of this month's challenge.  At the last minute, I entered this picture in the contest.

The theme was Glamour. I thought this picture pretty much summed it up.  I was one of five finalists selected for a public vote!  Please click on over and vote. I would love your support and so would the other photographers!


  1. Congrats my friend. I know you are loving your new crafty hobby. You should share that doll dress with our readers. They can appreciate the trials and tribulations of learning a news skill!! We may even have a master sewer in our group.


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