Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shutterbug Sunday: A Different View

Many times at events people focus on where the action is taking place. They point their lens at the action. If I were only looking at the action I might have missed taking this entertaining picture. 

The teenager on the mat performing the kick was... uh... very loud and animated in his vocal elements of the form he was demonstrating.  He attracted the attention of a large crowd of spectators. He was really good- but I was more entertained with the reactions in the crowd. Most people were watching for his forms-- but from a 3-year-old's perspective-- he was just LOUD!

It tickled me to no end when this beautiful little girl covered her ears, but still could not remove herself from the action!  I quickly got down on the ground where the kids were and snapped a couple pictures from behind. I thought it was so cute.

Some of the best photographers know this trick. It's not so much the fire you cover- it's the people witnessing the fire. It's not so much the subject walking in the door (say Santa or the Bunny Rabbit) it's the kid's reaction to the subject. Try to capture a different view the next time you snap a picture!

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