Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Admiring From Afar

I just wanted to share a little observation I made during a recent vacation.  Earlier this week I wrote about my trip to the Continental Cup, an international ski jumping competition in Northern Michigan.  The event is full of men, dressed in hunting gear to keep warm, watching hours of competing.  They are camping out, roughing it in the mud, sitting on hay for seats, and full of sports-loving testosterone.  So, I had to smile a bit when one of the men pulled out his wife's scrapbook.  He brought it along because it showed pictures of him visiting that same competition on Pine Mountain 40 years ago.  These men, in camouflage coats, thick boots, and full beards...gathered around this scrapbook on hay seats surrounded by dirt and reminisced about old times.  While they often act disinterested in our crafty habits and dismiss it as ladies stuff...we all know, deep down, they are delighted by our scrapbook albums, even if they act too tough to admit it.

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  1. That is simply heart warming, hahaha! I can just imagine all these burly men looking at a sweet scrapbook :D

    xoxo Maria


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