Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shutterbug Sunday: The Fog

Just sharing a photo this Shutterbug Sunday that I like to look at.  There wasn't a lot of thought put into this picture.  I literally just peeked my head out the back door, aimed, and snapped because I wanted to show my friends the fog that hit Michigan last week, while I was visiting there.  The unexpected result is that each time I look at this picture it evokes a different emotion in me.  My friends all felt the same way.  One felt inspired to write.  The other just enjoyed the visual.  The fog reflected my mood that day...heavy and lingering.  The entire region was literally barely visible all day.  It lasted from the early morning hours right through the evening.  It never lifted.  While I could easily have felt suffocated by the low clouds, I opted instead to think of it as a fluffy white blanket that I could wrap myself up in all day.


  1. This photo evokes a timeless quality... a view of existence. Beautiful!

  2. Thank you so much. What a great compliment. I like looking at it too. It clears my mind even though it is fog...ironic.


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