Monday, February 21, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: French Butter Cream Icing

This is just my thinking, unless it is a Red Velvet or Carrot Cake (then it has to be Cream Cheese Icing) the only icing to use on a cake is Butter Cream. If made properly it is light, smooth, and very tasty. You can control the sweetness with the amount of powdered sugar you add to the icing. It is very easy to spread and with a container of hot water you can make your cakes look like the Cake Boss has made a personal visit to your home. The reason this batch of Icing is blue is because my 6 year old daughter asked me “Daddy what is your favorite color”, when I came home my Birthday Cake was on the table and it was blue.
1 lb of Sweet Cream Butter
½ Lb of Shorting (Crisco not butter flavored)
2 Lb of Powdered Sugar (10X)
5oz of Egg Whites (5 large eggs)
1 Tbsp of Vanilla (not imitation)
Mix Butter and Shorting together until light and fluffy. Slowly add egg whites until incorporated and mixture looks dry.
Add powdered sugar slowly and at a slow speed on the mixer (unless you want powered sugar on your ceiling, this is the voice of experience talking)
Add the vanilla and taste; if you want it sweeter add more powered sugar. If the icing gets to stiff add a couple teaspoons of water of milk to loosen it up.
Add food coloring if desired for decorating. Store in refrigerator for up to 6 months. When ready to use again put in mixer and whip until lose and spreadable.
When icing a cake use a cake spatula and a container of hot water. Spread icing on cake and as you need dip spatula in hot water and it will act like an iron and make the icing smooth as glass. Enjoy and have fun with it, the best way to make perfect cakes is to practice, practice, and more practice!!!!!


  1. I love that picture. I think I would even eat the photo.

  2. I'm gonna make this recipe! It looks like icing my mother used to make that I don't have the recipe for!! Thank you!

  3. It was soooo good!! The color reminds me of a Tiffany Box!LOL- honestly- I love sweets! They're my weakness!


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