Thursday, February 24, 2011

DIY Bangles Made with Mod Podge

Hi there!  I'm Amy from Mod Podge Rocks.  The topic of my blog is my craftastic disorder - an obsession with Mod Podge.  I consider it to be completely healthy, because it allows me to be featured on wonderful blogs such as this one.  It's my pleasure to be here!  It's actually going to be a regular occurance for 2011, so I hope you'll get used to me.  I like the color blue and sock monkeys, pumpkin bread and road trips.  I also like chunky bracelets, hence the project you see above.  I typically only wear silver hoop earrings, but I've expanded into some additional fun jewelry as this spring approaches.  Come join me on the wild bracelet ride.  Here's how to make these.

Gather These Supplies

For both bangles:
DIY Bangles - the blue floral bangle is the flat exterior and the brown bangle with green beads is the pentagon
Mod Podge in your choice of formulas (I used Gloss)
Scissors or Craft knife and mat
Craft glue

Blue Floral Bangle with Beads
FolkArt Acrylic - Forest Moss, Teal
Paper scraps - I used Carolyn Gavin's Greenhouse collection from K&Company
Martha Stewart Microbeads in Brownstone

Brown Distressed Bangle with Beads
FolkArt Acrylic - Hot Pink, Real Brown
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Paper scraps - I used Sultry from Basic Grey
Martha Stewart Microbeads in Peridot
Tissue paper or vellum

You need to do some preparation for the pentagon bangle, since you have five flat areas to cover with paper.  Using a vellum scrap and a pencil, I rubbed around the edge of the shape to make a template for cutting paper - kind of like pencil rubbings you did when you were little.  Do you only do one?  No - I recommend doing all five sides and then numbering.  I like my paper shapes to fit exactly.

Tape the vellum down to your sheet of scrapbook paper and then cut out the five separate shapes.  The way I kept track is with numbering.  If you write a number onto the bangle and onto the back of the scrapbook paper, you'll never see it; it will be Mod Podged down.

 At this time, cut paper to fit your flat bangle as well.  Set all the paper aside.

Basecoat your bangles according to the colors listed in the instructions.  For the blue floral bangle I used Teal as the base color and then Forest Moss for the inside.  I painted the brown bangle with a layer of Hot Pink to start.  Give at least two coats and allow to dry.

The brown bangle is distressed.  You can distress easily by rubbing a wax candle all over the bangle, especially on the ridges.  Rub firmly and then brush off any extra wax chunks that are left.  Remember that the more wax you add, the more distressed the bracelet will be.

Paint your second color directly over the wax and the first color.  Paint until the first coat is completely covered and allow to dry.

Rub a piece of medium grit sandpaper over the top of the bangle - you'll see the areas where the wax is just rub away (quite easily), and you can see the first layer color beneath.  Isn't it super cool?  Sand more for more distressing.

Add the paper pieces to your distressed bangle with Mod Podge (also Mod Podge the paper onto the blue floral bangle).  Allow to dry for 15 - 20 minutes, then give them a top coat.  Add a few coats of Mod Podge to seal the bangles. 

Time to add the beads.  To do this, paint Mod Podge around the edge of your paper and sprinkle the beads onto it.  You'll see here that I used Mod Podge in an old Dimensional Magic bottle so that I could get more control (I have a very shaky hand).  If you don't have an old bottle, use a smaller paintbrush and drag the Mod Podge around the edge.  Sprinkle the microbeads on, allow to dry and then rotate and repeat.  When dry, your blue floral bangle is finished!  You still have one more step on the brown distressed bangle. 

Once the beads are completely dry, add Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to the oval part of the bangle, right on top of the paper.  Unfortunately this is a slow process, but only because of dry time.  The good thing is that you can add the Dimensional Magic and leave it to dry (DM side up).  Come back later and then rotate the bangle, add more DM.  Total application time is about 15 minutes, but total dry time means this project is at least going to take overnight.  Once the Dimensional Magic is dry, your bangle is done.

Thanks to the team here at CL and S for featuring me.  I can't wait to show you more fun projects with Mod Podge!  I would also love to give away one of these today:

Here are the simple rules.
1. Comment on THIS blog entry.  What would you do with this starter pack?
2. Only one entry per person.
3. Contest will close this Sunday, February 27th at midnight (EST).
4. PLEASE leave your e-mail address if it's not attached in Blogger - I need some way to reach you.

Thanks for the visit, and come check me out at Mod Podge Rocks whenever you get the urge to glue!

*UPDATE* - winner of the starter pack is Veronica.


  1. I use a lot of this product for various crafts. One of my favorites is making napkins rings (or shall I say muti-purpose rings)from the paper towel and toiet tissue cores. I use those little rings I make for keeping electric cords rolled up neat,so as not to get so tangled.I'm sure there are many other uses. I give the napkin rings as gifts.You can get really creative when making them.

  2. I would use this product to incorporate more materials into my oil and acrylic paintings.


  3. I have recently become obsessed with Mod Podge! I love the stuff... I want to cover everything in it... and I have even contemplated sharing my creations on a blog myself! I am a crafter and quilter... my boyfriend asked me just the other day if I planned to Mod Podge the car... maybe even in an entire room... I said no hunny... but I just dripped it on my phone! He said... Ok Modge! haha... I have only worked with the Glossy kind and would love to experiment with all the other "flavors"! Thanks Amy for your inspiration and introducing me to a new blog to follow! :)

  4. I bought some little wooden jewelry boxes and frames at a rummage sale that I have been wanting to decoupage. These products would be perfect for making these. Thanks for the chance!

  5. The starter pack is a great idea and your bangles are super fun! My mind is spinning on how I would use this idea with Vintaj products(I happen to work for them :). We already use Mod Podge to seal our bezel projects, hmmm what else can we make?
    I really love the microbeads, I may have to give those a try! Thank you for the step-by-steps!

  6. Man, if I had that starter pack I'd be making those bangles for sure! And! finally collaging an old outdoor table I have, since I cannot find outdoor Podge in Austin!

  7. Whoops! Didn't leave an email. ;)


  8. Cute! I really loce Mod Podge, but I just have one bottle of matte. I'd love to have the whole pack!

    meglutenfree at gmail dot com

  9. Love the bangles! I have a back log of Podge possibilities! I am sure I have a home for each ounce.

  10. Love Mod Podge, haven't tried Matte or Outdoor, but, use the Sparkle & Glitter to make scrabble tile rings with my teenage daughter and her friends, cute & fun. Also, I can't find the dimensional magic anywhere. The 2 Michaels I have by me do not carry it. Have tried other things in pendant trays and bottle caps, but, really want to try dimensional magic.
    email -

  11. Would love to try micro beads in a pendant bezel I have. Can't buy any of the other kinds of Mod Podge around here. Just the regular.

  12. I would stop using my lumpy dried out podge and enjoy the new varieties.

  13. I would make so many amazing crafts! I would start with some pendants and rings and then see where my imagination took me!

  14. I really want to mod podge my bike ( its all boring and plain maroon)
    and I'm going to grad schoo this fall so I'd love to use it to do projects to decorate my place

  15. I would go on crafting spree. Jewelry, paper crafts, everything. I use regular Mod Podge quite regularly but haven't tried any of the other types.

  16. I would podge everything that didn't move!

  17. I am starting a OUTDOOR western collage on canvas soon.
    The outdoor Mod Poge has spiked my curiosity! OMG, inside,outside! YEAH, I can't wait!
    IF I am picked, I would LOVE to send you pic's of my planned upcoming project! Its going to be crazy cool!....and Waterproof!

  18. Thank you for the chance to win this fantastic set..I love Mod Podge!! I use it for jewellry making,letters,boxes etc..I love doing crafts..Thank you again..

  19. i would share the starter pack with my fellow crafters at our monthly crop so i can help to convert them to mod podge

    from zoe ross

  20. Well.......... after browsing your modge podge rocks blog once again, I will use it on anyting I can lay my hands on, furniture, jewellery, cards, scrapbooking and anything I can make for fundraising x Leigh x

  21. I'm so glad I followed the link over here. Love the bracelets (of course I love all that you do).

  22. I have a few old bangles I could update! Love to win the mod podge.

  23. I followed this over from your blog which I followed over from brave girls. and just wow! I have been meaning to make my son some story stones with mod podge so I'd probably work on that first.

  24. I'd finally be able to experiment with outdoor podge! so many possibilities...mrs.newbill@gmailDOTcom

  25. I've used ModPodge for years and years ago when my girls were in Girl Scouts, 60 or so years ago. I used it mostly for collage or making transparency prints (five or six coats going up and down and then sideways, letting it dry and then peeling it off to seal to something else) Do we still do this?

  26. I bought a bottle of mod podge a long time ago and just got around to using it today. Oh my goodness. I LOOOVE this stuff. I cannot wait to see what else I can create with this. I'm going to have stock in the company before long. hopefully I can win this and try the different ones out to see which I like to do on what? :)

    Thanks so much for this great lesson on bracelets. It's opened my mind up to so much more.


  27. Let me just say it again...I love Mod Podge Amy.

  28. The first thing I would do is make myself some super cool hair prettys! Then I might move on to making stuff for my girls! ;)

  29. I am new to crafting, but have been following your blog. I am anxious to give Mod Podge a try.

  30. I would make these bangles with my starter pack!!!!

  31. I love her too crafty cat- really, she's a rock star!!


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