Monday, February 21, 2011

Wrapping for Him

Here's another observation I wanted to pass along.  Men will always ask a woman to wrap presents for them, if they can.  I visited a friend recently who needed several presents wrapped.  Naturally, he asked me to do it.  I'm used to that.  My father has asked me to wrap all of my mother's presents for years.  Fortunately, she keeps lots of embellishments in storage.  But my friend didn't have anything but wrapping paper.  No ribbon, no bows, no tags, just paper.

If I was going to do it, I wanted to do it right.  I wanted to at least tie all of the presents up into one big package and top it with a bow.  But, I literally had no supplies with me.  I wandered around his house, which has only the bare minimum of everything and anything, until I came across two of my own shopping bags.  One of them had a decorative piece of ribbon attached.  Score!!  Necessity is the mother of all invention.  I untied the rope handles of my bags, tied them together, and wrapped them around the gifts to create one big package.  Then, I made a little bow out of that piece of ribbon.  In the end, my package isn't half-bad...thanks to shopping bag scraps.  It is so basic, but I love it when I'm forced to figure out how to make something cute out of nothing.


  1. Are you into Geneology? If so,I must be on your tree somewhere. You have had too many posts that describe my way of thinking to a "T".I am the only one who goes for a walk and comes home with a pocket full of things that I've found along the walk, that would make great embellishments for some kind of a project.

  2. You say a lot of things on your blog that mirror my thoughts too. We must be on the same wavelength.

  3. Looks great. This is proof that getting creative with your wrapping can actually make the gift look better than had you used traditional paper!

  4. unless you live in my house where most of the wrapping is done by me!!!! LOL but I really do not embellish, just a card or bow!!! LOL this from a guy whos wife has a building on the property dedicated to SCRAPING!!!!


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