Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meet Mod Podge Amy!

Get ready for some excitement TOMORROW!!!

Marketing by day, Mod Podge Mistress by night! I can't tell you how over the moon I am to introduce you to our new monthly guest blogger! Mod Podge Amy is the creative mind behind Mod Podge Rocks! She likes to wear stripes and/or bright colors every day because it makes her happy!  When I went to her blog I was immediately happy. She exudes excitement and energy!

She says "I love the color blue, dogs, reading, cold weather, funny movies, road rallies, yogurt, garden gnomes, sock monkeys, running, tattoos, being outdoors, buttons, snuggling and apparently blogging." You have to check out her blog- her Mod Podge projects are second to none- and if you have a project she accepts submissions to be featured!

Amy moved from rain loving Seattle to Hot-lanta! That's Atlanta Georgia if I got to cheeky for you!hehe. She's been knitting for 18 years, sewing for longer and decoupaging for just a few- but I guarantee you she is THE expert in the world of Mod Podge.

Amy is joining our little Crafty Life and Style family as a monthly guest blogger for a YEAR!!!!! She will be offering some amazing crafts AND giveaways. I'm so excited!! This is really a dream come true for me! Can you tell? Please give a warm welcome to Mod Podge Amy!! She has an awesome D.I.Y. coming TOMORROW!


  1. Love love LOVE Mod Podge Amy. Great stuff.

  2. How fun! I'm looking forward to seeing her posts :)

    xoxo Maria


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