Saturday, March 19, 2011

OTR: The Creation Station

We arrived at the scrapbooking weekend retreat late Friday afternoon and unloaded two carloads of supplies at our table.

I, Crafty Cat, proudly claim the title for tallest set-up in the room.  Those are my racks of tools at our assigned table.  Because it is a small space, I even had the hotel bring us two extra round tables to bookend our row, for more storage.

Crafty Girl was embarrassed that I had done that.  She left the  room while the bellboys set up each round table, but then happily spread out tools on her side when he was done and gone.

Yes, we are ridiculous.  We know.  We don't deny it.  Admittedly, we usually have even more stuff, but the last minute decision limited us.  While we might have the biggest display, we certainly aren't the only ones who brought the whole house.

Here's a peek at the room.  Doesn't it look fun?

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  1. looks like u r having fun. Hope u get lots of scrapping done and win some prizes!!! Have a great weekend


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