Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Organize It: Taxes

I must confess-- I have been procrastinating about EVERYTHING lately. I am so over winter. It is dragging on far to long for my neck of the woods. Despite my attempts to get in the gym and get my endorphins flowing- I am beginning to hibernate. I know- spring is not too far away, but I'm doing it anyway. As a result- my weekly menus haven't been planned for a few weeks now. The mail is piling up. Crafting creativity is hard to come by and I'm just wanting to eat!  Yesterday I went to the store and did two weeks of grocery shopping, cleaned the fridge and planned 2 weeks worth of menus. Honestly- I was on a high!

But taxes are that black cloud that sit over my head every year- until the very last minute. Last year I filed an extension and didn't do them till OCTOBER! And YES- I was actually getting a REFUND!! I know- crazy. So this year I am determined to make a change. I grabbed my tax organizer from my accountant- yep he makes it as easy as possible for me. I sat down with all my collected papers and I began plugging in numbers.

That was easy enough- but now I have a to-do list worth of documents and information to find to complete them. Today I celebrate the little victory of organizing what documents I do have. Tomorrow I will begin my mission of completing the to-do list so I can complete my taxes on time! Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! We are going through the same thing over here, and it's no fun! We'll get through this!

    xoxo Maria

  2. Thanks Maria! I appreciate the love- right now I'm so needing the sun and warmth and I think motivation will then come back


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