Sunday, March 20, 2011

OTR: Games & Prizes

Oooooh.  Ahhhhhh.  A fancy wheel and a table full of craft supplies, with the tags still on, can only mean one and prizes!!  Crafty Life and Style is still on the road, checking in from a 3-day scrapbooking retreat in Saratoga, NY.   Imagine a room full of ladies creating pages all morning, noon, and night.  Yep, you can literally scrapbook 24-hours a day.  Yours truly was the last person to bed both nights, heading up to the room at about 4:30am.

The weekend is both exhausting and exhilarating.  You are so overstimulated that you don't get a lot done.  But, you do create some of your best work, spurred by the lure of contests and prizes.  Nobody loves free stuff more than my friend Crafty Girl.  So, everytime a raffle winner was announced, she'd mouth her name, hoping it would bring her luck.  

The grande prize is a free retreat in the future.  We've so longed for that prize.  But, we'll take anything really.  Games have included crafty versions of plinko, wheel of fortune, and bingo.  I was lucky enough to win a small prize.  But, the major giveaways eluded us this year.

We did get three meals, two late night dessert snacks, chair massages, make-n-takes, classes, and great company.  We'll be showing you some of what we made and saw at the retreat in the coming days.  For now, we both need to catch up on some sleep before our scrapbooking days are over.


  1. I do a retreat 3x a year with 10-11 gals and the 2 oldest biddies (me and my bff Anita) are the ones that always go to bed the latest, usually around 2:30am and wake up around 7:30 ish.

  2. don't look like an old biddie. Love the retreats. They help me bring my life back into focus.


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