Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Organize It!: Plastic Containers

ADMISSION: I have a slight obsession with plastic containers. Whenever I'm in my local store I'm drawn to the aisle. I always look for containers to fit my needs. Today's advice is think about simplifying your supplies and putting them in groups in clean, see through containers. Ideally I would suggest finding a matching system and sticking with it. I don't have that option- because of the store selection in my area. I've heard wonderful things about the container store and I think my husband is thankful there isn't one near me because I would likely change all of my containers over again after visiting there.

I select containers to fit my needs. Above you see one that is perfect with an easy to remove lid. I use it for my kid friendly chip board letters. While I admit I'm a little--- uh---  protective of my "good" embellishments, there are some I have acquired in the dollar section and I tend to place them in a neat- hard to reach area- so I can supervise the kids use of them. I also use them- and that's why I supervise the use! With an 8, 6 and almost 4 year old crafting very close by- I'm used to items being consumed and destroyed before I can say "Wait let Mommy help!!"

Below you see my smaller stamp holder. This is an easy to transport stackable unit. I love it for travel and for the smaller items. I also have some with drawers. A larger 3 drawer, 12x12 unit is dedicated to my scraps and I have several others that hold my new papers. You can find pretty much any size or shape you're looking for. So remember, when you are crafting try to place all your "like" items together. Plastic containers offer you a wonderful way to safely store your items and keep them ready at your fingertips! You will be so excited to sit down and craft and not have to search high and low for items.


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