Thursday, March 17, 2011


In the friendly blogging community, there is a lot of encouragement to keep writing, even when you feel too tired to continue.  Crafty Girl and I have been challenged lately.  Our creative sides were admittedly put on the back-burner while we tried to tend to life's other matters.  So, a big thank you to:
She passed along the Stylish Blogger Award to us this week.  We needed a little pat on the back.  We are just about to hit the road for a crafting retreat and we're looking forward to feeding the creative part of our brains and sharing the work of others we meet.  Until then, we are following the rules for award winners by linking back to Cristie.  Also, sharing seven things about ourselves.  Then, sharing 15 other blogs that we enjoy (awarding them) and letting them know about the gesture.  The problem is...we're sure they've probably gotten the award before because they are so amazing.  Thank you!

Crafty Cat:
1-I'm not really a cat.
2-I love Indian food more than almost anything.
3-I'm known in my circle of friends for having wild purses and necklaces.
4-I could track my family down on all the way to the 1200's.
5-I've been to about 20 countries across the world.
6-A lot of local people know who I am because I've had a very public job for several years.
7-I just quartered a chicken for the first time in my life this evening.

Crafty Girl
1- I love being my kids mom- even when they're acting fresh.
2- I am sleep deprived- but only drink one cup of coffee a day and then it's usually water.
3- I'm way over-scheduled and over-committed, but have a hard time saying UNCLE.
4- I would rather be in my sweatpants with no makeup, hair up, and my glasses on....
5- ... but every day I must dress nice with full hair and makeup because it's a requirement for my job.
6- I am a Cha Cha and Waltz dancing womens champion from a local competition.
7- I like surprises- giving them and getting them- although people can rarely pull one off on me!

More Fun Blogs:

We hope you give these fun blogs a second look.  Thanks again for finding and sharing us with your readers.


  1. Hey girls! I love reading more about you! So cute. A few things about me, just for fun? I drink a double-espresso every morning and the Starbucks people know my order (embarrassing). I HATE hot weather - 60 to 65 degrees is just right. I love classic literature. I also can't go by for one day without wearing blue!

    Thanks for the mention! :D

  2. hehe- Amy how did I know you drank a super charged espresso?? hehe- we love u

  3. Thanks girls for including my blog! A couple of just for things about me I love peppermint anything. My first published photo was of feet. I drink almost a gallon of sweet tea a day. (Sweetened with sweet and low.)


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