Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guest Blog: Mini Book Made From Scratch

Hi, Sheila here-the "other" crafting sister from Two Crafting Sisters and before we get
started I'd just like to say thank you for asking Maura and I to do a guest post. We are
both honored.

I like to do two things when crafting---1. Make mini books and 2. Use items already in
my stash. This little expanding folder mini book does just that. It is easy to make from
scratch and you most likely already have everything that you need. I started with little #1
coin envelopes that measure 3 1/2" x 2 1/4". A simple search on Google or Amazon will
give you lots of choices-you can also find these at your local office supply type store or
in a pinch, simply cut down an envelope to size and seal the cut side to form the pocket.
 You will also need heavy chipboard or cardboard pieces to make the box. Cut two
pieces that measure 3 3/4" x 2 1/2", two pieces that measure 3/4" x 2 1/2" and one piece
that measures 1 3/4" x 2 1/2".  Also cut your pieces of patterned papers in these
same sizes as well as one long piece that measures 2 1/2" x 12" (you will trim off the
excess once your pieces are adhered down.)

Adhere the patterned paper to the chipboard pieces. If you want to distress the edges or
ink them, now is the time to do that. Then adhere these pieces to the long patterned piece
as shown in the photo leaving about a 1/16" gap between pieces. You'll see why next.
Now, gently bend the box into shape.

You can also distress the front side of your box now if desired. I used a red Distress Ink
to cover the chipboard sides and also used a bit of sandpaper around the box edges.

Gather your coin envelopes. Cut inserts out of cardstock that measure 3 5/8" x 2".
Apply adhesive down the center of the back of the envelopes and adhere them one to
another to form a stack.
By only adhering down the center, you will get this accordion effect. Now with the last
envelope, apply adhesive on the entire back of the envelope and adhere the stack to the
back panel of the book (and in this photo you can also see the magnets I used to close my
book. Now is the time to add those if you so choose so that the one will be hidden from
view. However, you could also close these with Velcro dots or a ribbon. Your choice.)

Also apply adhesive to the entire back of the front envelope. When you stick it down to
the cover, run your finger along the envelope edges to make sure it is adhered.
Here is the inside of the mini book. I punched out circles, folded them in half and stapled
them on the inserts for pull tabs.
Once I got started on these, I couldn't stop! This little mini book used envelopes that were
even smaller at 2 3/4" x 1 3/4". I covered them with dictionary papers before adhering
them together and I made tiny little library cards for the insides.
And on this one I cut the flap to make a tag and had it oriented differently.
 The possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

Patterned papers-Tim Holtz and Cosmo


  1. Love your idea Sheila! Great way to use envelopes and make some cool little albums. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  2. wow...very cool...amazing craft with exceptional pictures.

  3. So love this creation!! It's amazing

  4. Great idea Sheila - I can see one with the title, a few of my favorite things & of course, one of the pages would have a coffee card :-)!

  5. I Googled made from scratch mini albums and found this. I'm so glad I did! Thank you so much for the easy instructions and all the helpful pictures! This idea is also in a mini album book I have, but did not give all the helpful pictures like you did. I would not have made it if I didn't find your post. I made one today (sized a little differently) and will be posting it on my blog on the 2-23-12. I will be linking back to this post in my blog post. Thank you again so much!
    :) Janis

  6. This is such a fun looking project.
    I have made numerous mini albums, but I didn't know that glueing down the center was the way to go--if you want accordian.
    Thanks for the great instructions.

  7. Thanks for a great idea. I pinned your post to Pinterest to spread word of your good work there.

  8. Love these little accordion fold books! Thanks for the visuals too!

  9. These are so cool!!! I love the little envelope thingies on the inside and the closure! Nice pics and tutorial!!

    -Denver Real Estate Agent

  10. This was forwarded tome by dear friend Claudine,and I have to say it looks absolutely lovely. It will certainly be fun to try and I imagine the same principle could work on a larger scale too. THANK YOU for sharing this great project.

  11. This is an unbelievable tutorial! I have a die that will cut these Petite Pockets and I'm definitely going to be using up retiring cardstock making these little gems for gifts. We all meet at Convention in July, and boy do I have a surprise for them!

  12. WOW, great tutorial with pictures and instructions, many thanks for sharing. Now to find the time to make them,

  13. Thanks for the Inspiration, I love your mini books, lots of great ideas :)

  14. Hi there and may I just say Thank you so much for such an inspiering idea
    May I ask Where do you purchase coin envelopes in the fancy colours in your pictures ???? Hope you cn help ..Hugs Mark

  15. Davvero bello!! e utile! Complimenti, bella idea! molto brava! Erica & C.

  16. I found ur post on pinterest. I couldnt wait after seeing this project, so i made a mini album with the help of detailed instructions in ur post. Thanks for the lovely post and keep the good work going!

  17. LOVE this!!! Off to pin :D
    Love and blessings, Lori

  18. This is THE CUTEST! Can't wait to make bunches!

  19. So clever of you, has given me some inspiration for my Dads B'day card, many thanks for sharing

  20. Thank you for posting such clear your coin envelope mini album!

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  22. It looks as though the lady doesn't answer any questions which is so sad so please can someone help me? I am looking for box closure magnets like these. Can anyone help? Anything from ebay UK will be perfect, thanks all! xxx


    2. Diymag rare earth frig magnets are sold on Amazon 6pc 1.26" for $7.99 USD

  23. I just found this Beautiful album, so Cute, Im about to make one Thanks for sharing Hugs from Aussie

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