Friday, March 18, 2011

The Ruins

This is what happens when you have to pack scrapbooking supplies for a 3-day retreat.  Your space is left in ruins.  The scrap shack that Crafty Girl used to walk into with now a wreck.

Just a few days ago, we decided to attend a marathon session of crafting THIS WEEKEND.  We were going to be responsible and save our money.  But, at the last minute we decided we needed to any cost.  Our readers who scrapbook know it is fun to get together with friends and create, but there is nothing worse than making a layout when you don't have every tool you've ever owned within reach.  Packing for a 3-day retreat turns us into the ultimate stress balls.  We just have to have our stamps, adhesives, brads, eyelets, extra pictures, flowers, ribbon....look the list doesn't end.  That's the problem.  We want everything!!  We literally spend an hour packing loads of tools into our cars...shelves, extension cords, and printers.

When the weekend is over, we'll have laughed and loved it.  All the stress we've been feeling will be washed away with good food, good company, and good prizes.  Then, we'll come home, walk through the door, and see this waiting for us.  Sigh.  Stay tuned.  We'll be checking in with photos from the scrapbooking retreat throughout the weekend with this special edition of Crafty Life and Style:  On the Road!!!!

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