Monday, March 28, 2011

Organize It: Food Cupboard

Since Crafty Girl is on an organizing kick, I was inspired to organize a few things around my house.
I really wanted to clean my kitchen, but I had boxes of food on my countertop because I couldn't fit them in my haphazard cupboard.  I've had a habit of just pushing in new products wherever I could perilously balance them.  Inevitably that meant I would open the door and have something fall out on my head.  This week, I finally climbed up on that counter and took everything out.  I got rid of tea that had been in there for years.  I got rid of anything that was past the expiration date, even if I figured it was still good....just toss it.  I put the boxes of food on top, soups in the middle, cans on the bottom...with all of the labels facing me.  I am happy to report that I open that cupboard now with pride.  I pull out boxes with a smile.  I haven't had anything bonk me on the head in days.  What a relief to just Organize It!!!


  1. BEAUTIFUL, doesn't it feel SO good?

  2. Gailanne, you can't even imagine how good it feels. Amazing.

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