Thursday, November 4, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Loretta Fontaine Jewelry

Combine two of my greatest and jewelry...and you get the crafty work of Loretta Fontaine.  The best part is, she uses her skills to raise money for charity.  She has also managed to get her work displayed in several publications.  Find out how she's getting all that great attention as we meet this week's Artist in the Spotlight:  Loretta Fontaine.

1. How did your adventure in jewelry-making begin?

When I was a graduate student in architecture, there was an advertisement in the student paper stating that you could have a free parking lot space at Springfest, the University at Buffalo's beer and music festival, if you wanted to sell stuff you made yourself. My parents had just been to Trinidad and brought me a copper necklace. Inspired, I drove to a bad industrial section of Buffalo and bought some scrap copper from a roofer. I started to make some jewelry from the copper with a propane torch and plumber's solder. I made eighty-eight dollars at the Festival and was hooked. The next two years I made jewelry and travelled all over New York state to craft shows while I finished my Masters in Architecture. I worked three years after graduation in an architecture office and then left to pursue jewelry full time.

2. How would you define your style?

Because the jewelry is handmade, I'd say it has an original and artisinal style to it. I design in sterling silver and many of the pieces have my own miniature original photographs in the jewelry. I'm influenced by nature, and patterns.

3. Pictures of your jewelry have appeared in several books. What are you doing to successfully get the word out about your jewelry?

I've had my work published in several magazines,, and seven books on jewelry. The latest just came out - 500 Gemstone Jewels, A Sparkling Collection of Dazzling Designs, edited by Cindy Edelstein. I don't think there is any secret to getting published. Just make the best work you can and be sure to submit it!

4. Tell us how to find and buy your pieces.

My blog is My studio is just south of Albany in Delmar, New York, and my website is, you can contact me directly or see a list of galleries across the country that carry my work.  I have an open studio in Delmar with potter Liz Vigoda on the weekend of Saturday November 20 & Sunday 21, 2010. Here's the link:

If you happen to be in upstate this weekend, you can find Loretta at the 5th Annual Albany Holiday Crafts on Madison:

Did I mention that Loretta is GIVING AWAY one of her beautiful creations?  Just in case you missed yesterday's tease, these reversible earrings are FREE to the winner.  You know the rules:  Comment here to become eligible.  A second comment identifying yourself as a registered follower of this blog will double your chances.  The deadline is Noon EST next Wednesday, November 10th.  We'll announce the winner on Thursday, November 11th.  Why not?  Start typing....after you browse through some more examples of Loretta's lovely work.  Good luck.


  1. Beauteous! They would match my Renaissance Costume perfectly. Enjoyed reading of your journey, best of luck to you for the future.


  2. really lovely!

  3. Loretta's jewelry is gorgeous! Can't wait to attend the sale at the Women's Club this weekend!

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  5. Lovely theme nature is beautiful and you incorporated it into your pieces.

  6. Love her stuff...awesome...and the giveaway's pretty cool, too!! And I registered as a follower of your blog.

    I'm visiting from SITS/BlogFrog. I've shared a link on my site 'cause I think you've got a great site. (used your grab button)

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    Great site! I will be back:D

  9. Incorporating photography into the jewelry is very creative and unique!
    I also like how a small opportunity turned into a business.

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  11. These pieces are beautiful!!


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