Saturday, November 6, 2010

Drawer Lining

Wednesday I told you about my challenging adventures in rehabbing a dresser I acquired for free. In the end it turned out great and I love it. Well, there was one last step in the process and that was to line the inside of the drawers with self adhesive fabric. I thought it would add a special treat to those peeking inside and because it was not brand new it provided for a clean surface.

I should be called "Dollar Store Girl" because, yes, once again, I got my supplies at the local Dollar Store. There are more pricy self adhesive fabrics, but for me I was happy with my selection.

Rolls of self adhesive fabric
rolling paper/fabric cutter
yard stick
12 inch ruler
sharpe pen

I learned the key to lining drawers is measure twice, cut once! Measure the inside of your drawers to get the width and length. Then turn your fabric over and use your sharpe to mark out where to cut the fabric. I discovered my Fiskar rolling cutter was awesome for this project. I placed it right along the side of my yard stick and it cut with ease. It's a challenge to get your corners to match up, but the adhesive is pretty forgiving at first- so make sure it sits in the right place before you start to remove the plastic backing and place the fabric down on the drawer. The edge of your 12 inch ruler can then be used to smooth the fabric down to the drawer. Remove small portions of the plastic backing at a time and smooth evenly with the ruler. I didn't get each drawer "just perfect" but overall I was very pleased with the results. It really does add something special to the drawers.


  1. I found this fun site throug the blog frog. I love this project!! I have acquired an old dresser and I need to just this. I have never seen rolls of self adhesive fabric at the $ store before-then again, I have never looked. :) But, where did you find in your store? I was just wondering so I knew where to look. Thanks for the inspiration!! I will be back! Happy Week!

  2. I believe it's a Dollar General to be exact. I'm in upstate New York. I suggest a nicely stocked bigger store. I found mine in the scrapbook section which is surprisingly nice, but I also found self adhesive wall paper banners in another part of the store- they just weren't as nice and I liked the color and feel of the fabric.


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