Saturday, November 13, 2010

Flower Pens

My son came home with the sweetest Mother's Day gift last year- a small bouquet of PEN FLOWERS! Since then, I've wanted to make more of them- because who doesn't need a whole bunch of pen flowers just waiting to be used!!! Today is the day!

-ball point pens
-silk flowers
-florist tape
-glue gun and sticks
- wire cutters

This is such a simple and fun project. First you cut your flowers, leaving a couple inches of stem on the flower. I learned this after cutting a flower all the way to the base- and my son immediately said "NOOOO! You have to leave more of the stem Mom. Oh, well, it will still look good!" I love that boy!

Then you can hot glue the stem to the pen with just a small strip of glue. That is not a necessary step if you are making this a project for children- but it does help to hold the flower in place for them- so if you do this before they get involved it will help them.

Next, wrap the pen from the tip to the top. Be sure to stretch the tape a bit so the adhesive provides with a nice stick!

That's it!

Extra: put some glitter on the tips! My son put red on the yellow sunflower- it looks awesome!

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  1. My husband is forever complaining because he can never find a pen when he needs one.It's usually when he's on the phone. Now! If he can't find a pen in this house,I give up.Thanks for the tip.


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