Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shutterbug Sunday: Crafty Girl Advice

 I just got back from a Trip to Dallas for work. On the way home I soaked in the most beautiful sunset. It's kind of hard to really capture the beauty of our world through a camera lens but I have captured a couple shots that help me remember the moment. The above shot was one of them.

First off, I took this picture with my I-phone. I don't like to carry my fancy, more expensive camera when traveling because it's  just another thing to carry. You'd think I would take it with me because that's the time it would be most needed- but, honestly- sometimes I just don't make sense to myself-so I can't explain it to you.

I turned off my flash and allowed my lens to adapt to the natural warmth of the light peeking through my little window. I held as still as possible and snapped. I got one picture. The light changed in an instant and the warmth changed. I was so thankful for my camera taking a clear image. Turning off the flash was the key to this shot. Even as I look at this picture 2 days later I remember how excited I felt about coming home to my beautiful babies and husband who managed to keep the house moving along just fine in my absence.

The picture below was shot obviously from the ground. I took a couple shots and discovered the composition was the key to this picture. I took the shot in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Sorry, to reveal the magic- but I tell you this because I want to help you think more about how you frame your pictures. In this instance I tilted up as high as I could to at least have some tree tops and mostly see the sky. You can see a couple lamp posts if you look really hard- but your eye gravitates toward the beautiful sky.  The way the clouds sweep up and the glow of the sun make this picture beautiful.

Sometimes it's luck, sometimes its talent- but as you are taking pictures for your scrapbooks, art journals or just to remember a special moment- today's advice is to take the time to think about what makes the picture so special and focus on it. It's easy to just snap away but when you look back on that picture you want it to be able to transport you back into your feelings of that moment. It can happen with some mindful snapping! 


  1. Beautiful pics. I love the light and the capture of the suttle meanings of life. Keep living because life is fleeting.

  2. Love Shutterbug Sundays!

    These images are just beautiful. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts behind them!



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