Thursday, November 11, 2010

“You Rock" - Pets Or Quotes

 Hi it's Crafty Lady here with another fun project! Hope you love it.

·         Rocks any size
·          1 Cup of water
·          Paper towels
·         Paint brushes
·         Acrylic paints
·          Acrylic clear finishing spray
·         newspaper  
·         plate or old ceramic dish
Optional Supplies: wiggly eyes, self stick gem, and tacky glue if needed to embellish your rock.
Friendly Reminder:  Just have fun using your imagination - that why they call it ART!
LET'S GET STARTED:  Finding your rock.  I like a rock that feel smooth and has some character - perhaps small lines.  You might not want to find your rock, that's ok - you can buy them at the local store - they are called river rocks.  If you were lucky to find one in nature for free - great.  But as you know - if we take from nature we must give back, so sprinkle some seeds or bread crumbs for the birds and you'll feel good about paying forward to nature.
Wash your rock and let it dry completely, you can set up your work area while the rocks are drying out. Sketch out your pet or quote using, white or black paint depending on the color of your rock. Let paint dry and if you don't like what you drew - the paint washes off easy. If it's a rough rock - you might need to use a little elbow grease.
When choosing a design - it can be simple or as technical as you like, or a simple word or phrase - it's up to you. If making a pet - be sure to shade areas and then highlight other areas as you can see on the WHITE CAT I made. Trim to finish using black paint. The multi color ABSTRACT CAT uses lines colored in and trimmed with black paint. With words and phrases you can add some gems and embellish as you like.
Don't forget the kids can join in at the same time or maybe have an after school or snowy day project.

Hope you enjoy it! Crafty Lady


  1. Great ideas I love the pet rocks. They are beautiful. Black and white are great contrast.

  2. I just salvaged a coffee can full of nice smooth rocks from my mom's decomposed tree stump.I may paint some of them. I hated to find out she had used these pretty smooth stones to fill the stump.They were meant to be used in a bowl on the coffee table or in some such way,but I guess she doesn't care much for rocks.


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