Thursday, November 25, 2010

Spotlight and GIVEAWAY: Sharon Bottle Souva Fabric Handworks

Vibrant colors and fine craftsmanship. You will not be disappointed by Sharon Bottle Souva Fabric Handworks. The attention to detail and beautiful creations are going to make all of you quilters out there giddy with excitement.

Sharon Bottle Souva is based out of Syracuse, NY

Q: Sharon- you sew beautiful creations. Tell us how you got your start and how that start took you to today.

A: Sewing is one of my greatest pleasures. I have been working with needles and fabric in one form or another since I was a child, starting with sewing my own, then my children’s clothes. I began making quilts in 1976, putting them on the walls instead of beds. This allows a greater freedom in exploring ways to manipulate the fabric.

I find myself looking at nature and man-made structures with the question: How could that be interpreted in fabric? How can I incorporate those elements of texture and design into my work?

Several years ago I discovered the joys of unfinished edges and loose threads which has become an important part of my current work. Dying and painting my fabrics has given me another dimension to my creativity. I work rather intuitively; the expression of “if it occurs to you…. Do it” is a big part of how I work.
Today all of these beginning elements show up in my work in various forms. Coming from sewing clothing has given me the technical accuracy I need for construction, while exploration of color and pattern brings in the creativity aspect. The needle is an extension of my fingers, the threads and fabric my palette. For me, color and pattern are equally important as my finished work. Fabric art is appealing to me, due to the fact that it’s more than a visual art. It is very much linked with a sense of touch and with memories.

Q: You are also great with combining various colors and patterns. You make it look so easy- but we all know it's not! How do you come up with your designs?

As I said, I look at the simple design in nature. I am keenly aware of the lights and dark, shadows and shapes. These all feed me information that end up in my work. I very rarely make a piece from a photograph (in fact I don't even take alot of photos for inspiration), instead I try to pick out elements in the view that speak to my spirit and bring that into the process. Sometimes it's a matter of a simple shape that gets the juices flowing. I work on a vertical design wall that allows me to put fabrics up and move them around until I see something pleasing.

Q: What is your number one tip for someone who wants to be a quilter or get better at it?
TAKE A CLASS AND START SMALL (sorry I'm not good at one tip)

Q: It's ok, It's a great tip! He He! How can people see more of your work? My work is in several galleries: Grovewood Gallery in Ashville, NC; Haven Gallery in Austin, TX; Painted Fish Gallery in Dunedin, FL; Eureka Crafts  in Syracuse, NY; Gallery 54 in Skaneateles, NY; Sea Hag Soaps and Art Mercantile Brackney, PA; my home AND on my web site
Sharon thank you so much for being in the artist spotlight!
Sharon would love to give one lucky winner a hand quilted purse!!!

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  1. "Sewing is one of my greatest pleasures. I have been working with needles and fabric in one form or another since I was a child"

    I can TOTALLY relate! I love sewing and your work is beautiful!!! You can tell that it is a labor of love. Fantastic post and I love the pictures!!!

  2. Sharon's work and fabric are awe-inspiring. Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I am also now following your blog!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your fabrics, Sharon! They are so vibrant and colorful and right up my alley! Would LOVE to have one of these FABULOUS purses to carry!

  5. Just started following your blog!! Thanks!

  6. Sharon's use of color and texture is incredible. I would love to see her work in person!

  7. Articulate with words too. Congratulations Sharon. I enjoyed reading others' response to your work. You are the BEST!!!
    As well, I like that CRAFTY LIFE AND STYLE and you connected.

  8. Your color sense is phenomenal, I love what you do.

  9. been looking at theses and your more recent photos - she's good. lovely quilting designs

  10. I love the innovative fabrics and style of your projects.
    Too, I'm following your blog.
    Thanks & Quilty Hugs from Debi R.

  11. Oh my word, this purse is adorable - it would be a priviledge to own it :o)

  12. I am now a follower of your blog :o)

  13. I am a new quilter, and just LOVE the "eye candy" in this blog, such a unique style of quilting! I thank you ahead of time for the chance to win this elegant bag, stay blessed!

  14. incredible color and texture - eye candy indeed

  15. I love your use of colors. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful handbag.

  16. I am a follower

  17. hye...
    loving your art desgin here!!
    and that is the cutest bag(last pic.)


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