Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Small Space Makeover

My entryway is a very cramped spot. So cramped I can't stand in it and take a picture of it all.  I still wanted it to say "Welcome"! So, I decided to give it a makeover. I did it with items I already had in my home. Most of the items were in my garage. I got this wonderful little table off the side of the road for free. It's in perfect working condition without any scratches!  The beautiful little plaque was a gift from a friend for my 40th birthday. I wanted to display it some place special.

This space has been bare since we moved in 5 years ago!! This blog prompted the change. LOL- if anything, my home will look better as a result of my need for content! For not spending a dime-- well, not spending a new dime-- I think it came out nice, but I'm thinking about painting the door? Should I? If so, what color do you think? HMMM, decisions, decisions!

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  1. I'm not brave enough to paint my door another color, but I see other folks who have, and they look marvelous. I say "Go for it".Then let us see it.It's only paint. You can always change it back. I think bright clors give us more energy. They do me.


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