Friday, November 12, 2010

Sliding Door

I love doors that slide open.  In my many years of apartment living, my favorite rental had 3 sets of large solid wood doors that slid open into the walls to reveal each room.  It was an old victorian house and it felt fancy, classic, and chic.  Here is one way you can add that feel to your modern space.

Install a slide mechanism above the door to a room in your home.  The one you see here leads into a bathroom and the homeowners did it themselves.  As you can see, they extended the door frame along the top, to attach the rolling track to.  You can use this look for a bedroom, a closet, or any space that you'd like open most of the time...with the option for privacy.  Admittedly, to do this alone, you have to have some ability to work with wood, screws, and large heavy objects.  The point of this blog is to share the idea, so you can either take a trip to the hardware store, buy the materials, and do it yourself OR show that special someone in your life what you want them to do for you.  :-)


  1. I call these pocket doors and we are going to add them to our pantry and to our bathroom. I like the look of these, with the dark wood.


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