Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Wedding Bliss

Ever wonder what chef's do in their time away from their high pressure jobs? Well, we work, of course. Chef Donavan here! I had the privilege of catering a wedding this past weekend for some good friends of mine, Kowe and Sharron Webster. Aren't they a lovely couple? The prep time for this event was nine hours on Saturday, with the event scheduled on Sunday. That's when we worked another nine hours!  A co-worker asked me to help out and we had a really good time working together in a laid back environment.  Here are some pictures of the food and the event. In the coming weeks, I will put some of the recipes on the blog.  For now, enjoy the pictures.
Fruit and Cheese Board
Watermelon Basket

Cruidite and Compound Salad Display

Shrimp Cocktail Display

Some of the food we served:  Chicken Baltimore, Roasted Potatoes, Chicken and Shrimp Pesto.

Dessert Table

It was an honor to play such an important role in my friend's special day. I hope he has many happy years ahead with his beautiful wife.  On a side note, all of the clothing you see was handmade by the groom Kowe Webster!  Crafty Girl and Crafty Cat would say "SOO Crafty"!


  1. Wow...so great to have that many personal things be a part of your wedding.

  2. we got a whole tray of leftovers too--- just sayin!LOL


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