Monday, April 25, 2011

Reaching For Light

In my hometown we have gone through days of cold weather, gray skies, and rain.  I was longing for the beauty of Spring, lots of color, and flowers reaching for light.  The forecast hasn't been cooperating with my vision.

I was drawn back to a journal entry I did in the Fall, when I was anxious about the oncoming Winter.  More than ever, I understand how the seasons and the weather can affect mood and spirit.  I think this journal entry, with few words, speaks volumes about what I was feeling that day.

We know our crafty friends like to express themselves with drawings, scrapbooks, and quilting, etc.  Instead of limiting yourself with a notebook, try an art journal this year.  Don't let the lines on your paper keep you contained.  I love chalk ink.  It glides on smooth and is kind to people who don't draw professionally.  These are fairly expensive, but so fun to use.  I drew free-hand because nothing has to be perfect in your journal.  Let go.  Use your craft embellishments to make your next entry 3-dimensional.  I added flowers to my Spring page.  This post is to give you ideas.  The challenge is to get you to gather some bits and pieces to make your own version.  THEN, use the free space to write like you normally would in a journal.  See what the experience brings out of you.

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