Saturday, April 9, 2011

Homemade Headboard

I visited a friend's new home for the first time today and was thrilled to discover that a centerpiece of her bedroom is handmade...her headboard.

I love to see how other people use things they've made to decorate their space.  My friend is in her early 20's and doesn't necessarily make a lot of things yet.  She is still discovering her crafty side.  So, attempting to make a big centerpiece, like a headboard, must have been intimidating.  What I loved about this is that it wasn't really modeled after your traditional headboard.  She just sat down and started creating.  She picked out fabrics to match her bedspread, bought three small picture canvasses, and cut a series of rough circles.  She just glued them down, not realizing the glue would bleed through.  But, she ended up liking the effect.

I have to admit that I admire her carefree effort.  Sometimes I over-analyze my crafts.  I worry about everything being measured out.  The circles would have had to be cut out perfectly...clean edges.  Yet, I like her finished product better, because the edges have character.  The fact that the glue bled through would have sent me into a tizzy.  I would have ripped it apart because it was unintended.  But, she saw it as a happy accident.  Sometimes mistakes create the best crafts.  I bet she had fun making the headboard too. Lately, I've forgotten to enjoy it.  It made me smile to see her personal touch in the room.


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