Monday, April 4, 2011

Wooden Roses

I love shopping at county fairs, just to see the fun things people create.  I was wandering through the vending booths of a small fair on a rainy day, a few years ago, when I came across a burst of color.

Under a dripping white tent, on a dark and gray day, I found a rainbow of roses.  The vendor told me she had made each bouquet with thin pedals of wood.  

Fascinated, I bought 60 of the wooden roses, figuring they'd live a lot longer than the real deal.  As I was taking pictures recently, for one of our Shutterbug Sunday blogs, I was compelled to rip one of those pretty pink roses to shreds.  I had to get to the core of this creation.  Here's what I found:

The center of the rose is an oval shaped chunk of foam.  There is a wrapped wire stem in the base of the foam, reinforced with glue.

The petals of thin wood appear to be lightly brushed with color on the edges, similar to inking paper with a pad.  Several small ovals of the wood are glued to the tip of the foam, all the way around.  Larger ovals of the wood shavings are glued on top of the smaller ones, totally covering the foam and shaping the rose.

The petals are simply green fabric, cut in a "U" shape and glued onto the base of the rose.

When finished, the wooden part of the rose actually looks fairly real from a short distance.  I'm not sure I'd have the energy to make dozens and dozens of these.  In fact, I was happy to pay the crafty woman who had perfected this treat.  I hope this idea encourages you to envision something beautiful next time you look at a pile of wood scraps that you thought were garbage!!


  1. I liked the tiny fake velvet ones at gas stations that were scented. I don't see them anymore but I always thought they were cute in their tiny glass vases.

  2. A couple of our facebook readers had great points. One reader sent these to a funeral, because she wanted roses in a specific color. The florist made them. Obviously, the family could then keep them as long as they wanted as a memory of their loved one. The other reader said she helped her dad pick out wooden roses for her mom, not long before he passed away. She thinks of him each time she looks at them. Sweet.


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