Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Organize It!: School Documents

I got this latest tip from an uber-organized former co-worker. She NEVER had clutter, ALWAYS knew where to find documentation, and she claimed to be equally organized at home.  I BELIEVE HER!

With three children bringing home a mountain of important education documents, I am drowning in school papers.  I feel pressure to keep everything for future reference.  In the past, I stored everything in bins that would get overloaded, with no organization.  Now, I put school documents in binders.

As soon as the kids arrive home, I sort their papers into two categories: the throw away pile or the file away pile.  Immediately punch holes in the pages that need to be filed.  Then, PUT them in the binder.  I have dividers with simple categories: school, extra-curricular, sports.  One other note- I have one binder per child. It is now much easier for me to find a note from the teacher, a reminder about an important meeting, or instructions for those pesky math questions!
There you go-- now get out there and ORGANIZE IT!

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