Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scrap Suite Update

I know even before looking at these pictures that there is still too much stuff in this space.  But, it is far more accessible than it has EVER been!

I've shown you my crafting area before, but I just reorganized it and figured I'd update you.  I used to have a very large computer center right smack in the middle of this (can you imagine?) and it tightened the space up.  I was suffocating and didn't feel inspired to work here.  Now, it is open.  I feel 100% better.  Okay...okay...I know it is still packed with a billion things.  There are so many personal touches here.  My father made the ribbon rack.  My mother bought my the sticker display case when a local store closed.

My dad also built me this shelving unit for my bits and pieces.  That really needs to be reorganized, but you get the idea.  He said he'll build me a simple shelf at some point to go on the wall over the work-table, to display more of the tools and embellishments that I have.  I like the idea of being able to look up and look around for what I need, versus having to dig for it.  I took a thin shelf off of the wall in my bedroom and repurposed it as shelf for my containers of buttons and flowers and paint.  I'm a little bugged that this already looks so packed.  But, I'm just surrendering to the idea for now.

I do have a renewed spirit to use what I have and avoid buying more.  That is really hard in the craft realm.  But, I have to and I want to.  This is the hardest area of my home to de-clutter, because it is all about sentimental creations.  I do think a craft space is supposed to be full.  But, I'm trying to be realistic.  You can't really make great things if you don't know where half of your tools are.

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