Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shutterbug Sunday: Preparing Your Images for the Web

Ok, so I know we have all experienced it, our gorgeous photos being scrunched and distorted once they are uploaded to the web!  Does this frustrate any of you, as much as me??  There is hope and a way to export your images so the distortions are not as bad.

Image before being processed for the web.

Image before being processed for the web.
Step One: After all of your edits are finished and you are ready to upload your image to the web, in photoshop go to file, and Save for Web Devices.

Step 2: When you see the Save for Web Devices screen pop up, you will want to make sure your settings in the top right hand corner are as follows:
  • jpeg format selected
  • maximum setting selected
  • quality at 100
  • optimized box checked
Now just click save and place the image in your desired folder. I save all mine to a folder labeled "website".  Once I am done uploading the images to the web, I delete everything. This is just one of the ways I help keep myself organized.

Now for the finished products. The end result is by no means perfect, but definitely an improvement! Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

Same image after.
Same image after.


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