Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

This little ceramic egg was put out for my nieces to find one year ago.  Apparently, everyone overlooked it, even the adults.  I finally noticed it last September, a lonely little egg, waiting to be found for months.  This demonstrates how little we actually notice around us.  The egg was placed on a corner of the TV entertainment center.  Naturally, we stare at that area all the time, without ever really being 100% conscious.  When I was searching the corners of the house for handmade crafts to share on this blog, I finally noticed the long lost Easter egg.  I decided to put it back this year.  The girls are a year older and wiser.  Maybe they'll find it now.  It will be like measuring growth on a wall.  Part of me would be a little sad if they do find it.  The other half of my mind will happily celebrate the fact that they should always be making new discoveries, for the rest of their lives.  Happy Holidays.

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