Friday, April 1, 2011

Wood Scratch Repairs

I really do love my dark wood, claw-footed, coffee table.  I got it years ago and still like the style, the color, and the size.

But, my cats have done quite a number on it.  They like to rest on the table, which would be fine, except when they jump down or get spooked...their back nails screech across it.  They dig in to take a fast leap off that table.  

Over the years, they have made their mark with a number of digs and streaks in my beloved coffee table.  I could certainly justify buying a new one after all these years.  But, they'll just scratch that up too.  I'm happy to keep this.  I still love the style.  But, it was looking pretty rough.  I wondered if there was a way to salvage it.

I'd heard about covering scratches in wood with markers and other products.  So, I was excited when I came across some of those markers in the grocery store the other day.  The package had 3 shades...very dark, medium, and light.  They are not high-tech solutions, but these markers were the right price and worth a shot.

I went around the coffee table and filled in the claw marks.  The results certainly aren't perfect.  But, the streaks are less noticeable.  As you can see in the photo below, the marker definitely shows initially.  I worked around that by immediately wiping away the surface ink with my fingers.  If you wait too long, it will dry with an obvious streak.  You need to blend quickly.  The markers don't erase damage.  Your table won't look new again.  But, if you don't mind a quick fix, it is worth trying.


  1. This was very helpful..I think a lot of didn't realize there was a way to repair a wood surface this easy!

  2. I like repairing stuff when its in a real nice room like you have- when its in a more laid back room- I like to bang stuff up!LOL

  3. And just think how much help they could be in distressing other pieces.Distressed furniture is still very popular.


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