Friday, April 29, 2011

Dad's Saw Tip

If you are reading this blog, chances are you love making crafts.  BUT, you've probably made most of your gifts without setting your hands on a saw or a wrench.  Ladies, we can do it.

After learning some tiling skills from my dad this past week, I realized I'd wasted a lot of time assuming I couldn't do "big" projects around the house.  I could have spent the past decade learning how to cut wood, use a sanding machine, and measure properly.  I'm not sure why I steered clear of tools all these years.  I'm not sure why I learned how to use a glue gun with grandma, but avoided the nail gun with pops.  I can't wait to tile a wall now.  I know these aren't the kinds of tips that everyone can use.  But, I'm going to stop assuming that none of our readers would dare use a saw.  Yes, we can.

Once you have some one-on-one training, this little tip might come in handy.  The dial on the base of your saw allows you to set accurate measurements for the angle of your cut.

After a lot of use, your dial may not be accurate anymore, just like the weight on a scale.  Here's how you can check the accuracy:  Set your angle to "0" and cut your wood.

Cut a wide piece of scrap wood straight across with no angle.  Initially, the cut looks straight.  The two pieces of wood fit together perfectly.

Now, flip one side of the wood over and place the two pieces together again.  If the wood doesn't come together perfectly, it wasn't a straight cut.  Your saw cut with some degree of an angle.  Your dial isn't correct and you either need to fix it or adapt when you cut.

Thanks to dad for another tip.  I'm enjoying learning all the things that are usually just passed down to sons.  Good luck with your own projects!!


  1. Maybe you'll inspire me yet to tackle power tools!

  2. I'm with you,girl.I love MY power tools. I'm thinking about getting a router and set of letters to go with it.I have a chop saw, a table saw, a planer,and lots of smaller hand type tools,too many to list.I love woodworking.

  3. Wow Sawn...the more I find out about you, the more I wish you lived around the corner.

  4. How lucky are you to spend this time with your Dad!


  5. Bravo. I've learned to do lots of DIY projects around our house that I never thought I could conquer. My DH is absolutely hopeless at them, and totally disinterested in learning how to do repairs and upgrades. So, I had no choice but to do it myself. I read books and blogs, watch tv shows, and take classes when I can. Lots of what I learned has been trial and error. I wish my dad were still around to help. I tried to borrow his old circular saw from my mom, but she laughed and refused. How I'd love to have one. Ladies, you can, indeed, learn to use tools. It helps to do a little light weight lifting to build up your muscles in your arms. Doesn't take much to make a difference, and no one will notice.

  6. I know. I want a workroom now!! Your "DH"? LOL. Funny.


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