Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Art Therapy

Have you ever had a problem overwhelm you? I know stress, depression and anger can be all encompassing. It can be the littlest thing that puts you there or a reoccurring problem. I have learned to turn to my art journal when that happens.

This year I set a couple goals. One of them was to be "present". I know that can mean a lot of things and frankly that's good because that's what I want. I want to be present when there are good things going on in my life and I want to enjoy them. You know, I want to have an enjoying the toes in the sand moment over and over again.

While I don't look forward to the bad things- I know they're going to come. My usual M-O would be to divert my attention to something enjoyable- maybe some food or go shopping. I usually don't sit and experience the moment. I am learning to turn to my art journal for some self help therapy. The above picture is from a particularly stressful situation I needed to confront. 

The next page I created when I was feeling like I needed to eat a salad! LOL I was inspired by a funny little magazine advertisement showing the measuring tape.
Then on this next art journal page I was feeling optimistic about the future. I was looking forward to the fun activities ahead and I thought it would be a joy to mark the occasion. Art journals are a fun way to mark the small and big experiences in life. Its a more organic way to scrapbook the events in your life.

When I scrapbook I tend to focus on the big days- you know, birthdays, Christmas- not the days when I'm day dreaming about my baby having a birthday. But now thanks to my art journal I have captured one of the more quiet moments in time that might have gone undocumented. If you've never tried art journaling-  highly recommend you pick up an artist book and start playing around with your supplies. You will love what you create and make a special documentation of your life for future generations to truly know where they come from.


  1. I always love seeing your pages too. Sometimes I think I am TOO stressed to do these pages. But, I love how yours come out.

  2. Hang in there! Great pages.

    Dagmar's momsense

  3. I blogged recently about how Ive been feeling. I know exactally what you mean. Read my post on Unreal Expectations. I love how you get out of these states, maybe Ill try it!!!

  4. Thanks for the sweet words! Today was a better day- by a hair-- but still- better.


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