Monday, January 10, 2011

Photo Rewind

When my grandfather turned 80, the family decided to celebrate his long-term survival with a big party, complete with balloons, banners, and belly dancers.  That's how we roll.  The belly dancers were grandma's idea.  I won't even tell you what she considered first.  Anyway, the family knew from day one that they wanted me to make the invitations.  As soon as I saw an old black and white picture of grandpa in his military issued Daisy Duke inspired short-shorts....I knew I had my cover.

If you want to mark a milestone moment, rewind your mind.  Go through your albums and pick fun moments from the past for your invitations.  Not only did I have a great time seeing all of the old pictures of my pops, I took time to scan each photo so they would be preserved long after the original copies get lost or fall apart with the toll of time.

I didn't have much time, so the challenge was making something simple, but memorable.  I picked out a glossy and glittery brown paper for the card.  Be sure to get thick enough paper.  You want the card to hold shape on its own when someone holds it in their hand.  I measured the paper so that, once folded, it would be small enough to fit in the envelopes I bought.  Otherwise, you risk making a beautiful card that is way too big for any envelopes you can find in the store.  Also, postage for bigger mail is higher.  Small is fine and affordable.  I used my scrap paper to add a couple of strips as a border for the picture.  I   bought buttons as an embellishment where my strips meet.  Just cut off the bottom of the button so it lays flat.

I printed the time, location, and other details for the party on coordinating paper to put inside the card.  The corners of the paper are held in place by metal brads.  I added texture on the other side of the card by adding a strip of fun brown string next to a sweet portrait, labeled at the bottom with Grandpa's name.

Because I just couldn't choose two, I opted to add one more photo to the pack of my invitation.  Photos are a quick and easy way to produce a large volume of invitations and fill the space, while still giving people a thrill when they open the mail.  As you can imagine, my Grandpa's image as a young soldier in only shorts and boots was a hit with his long-time friends and the bellydancers.


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