Friday, January 28, 2011

Book of Love

It is that time of year...Valentine's Day is approaching.  You all know gifts from the heart are the best.  But, time seems to escape us.  I'll admit right away that this idea is time-consuming.  It takes careful thought and consideration.  But, anyone would love to get this.

Write a book of poems.  You aren't a writer?  Who cares. Just write what you feel.  Grab a couple pieces of cardboard...cover them with a fabric or textured paper.  These will be your front and back cover.

Connect them with small hinges at the top, middle, and bottom.  Use brads with cute shapes to hold the hinges on each cover.  Now, you have to connect your pages to the book.  Cut several long sheets of paper to size so they can be folded in the middle.

In the center, connect the pages with strategically placed eyelets.

Two vertical eyelets at the top about an inch apart...same deal in the middle...same at the bottom.  These should correspond with your hinges.

Then feed a thin piece of wire through each section and wrap the wire around the hinge, holding the pages in place.  You can cover the pages inside the book with cute backgrounds.  Then, embellish each page, matching the theme of your poem.

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  1. I love the storybook aspect of this. I'm currently putting together stuff for a 3 year ols princess birthday and this really gets my wheels turning. thank u much for posting.


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